Chapter 12
Canard Mount
  Allignment tab
         Canard allignment Tab 2
                    My version of Allignment Tab is beefed up a bit. 
                     Allignment Tab in place and ready for drilling.

  Canard Center and level
         Canard Center and Level
            I leveled the fuselage and then leveled the canard to it.
 My laser shown on tripod lighting up center lines on canard and airframe.
  Checkin Canard Incedence angle,
         Canard Mounted
     Canard incedence is less than one degree.  The bubble shows level.
    The Canard is temporarily mounted with lift tabs bolted onto fuselage. 

  Rick meets Nat
         Nat Puffer's Plane  

 Rick meets Nat (original designer) and Shirley Puffer.   Nice people..
Nat Puffer's Cozy sitting in a prime location at 2005 Oshkosh Airventure.

My Chapter 12 was simple and went fast.  I altered my allignment tab brackets.  I wanted them beefier.  These may not flex as much as the plans allignment  tabs but I know they will stay in place.  That should be a good thing huh?