Chapter 9
Main Landing Gear and Speed Brake
  Speed Brake Cutout
         Speed Brake contours
Speed Brake  Cutout.  I hated cutting into my glass work.  I used a diamond cutting wheel on my dremel tool.
Cut out to second level and began shaping the contour of the speed brake.  Hardpoints are glassed in for the hinges.

  Speed Brake door
         Speed Brake attached
Speed Brake Door being glassed with hardpoints in place.  Later when I installed the brackets for the motor I made the harpoints larger.   The speed brake "door" is hinged in place.  Duct tape makes an excellent release for fiberglass work.

  Speed Brake hardware
         Speed Brake Mockup 1
I have a local  aluminum  colorizing  business anodyze my aluminum parts.
  I made a mockup of the seatback angle and tested my motor for form and function.

  Speed Brake Mockup 2
         Speed Brake fit

  My fully extended speed brake mockup.  I used a Danaher Motion motor rated to 112 pounds force.  It has a pot so I can display it's position. Speed Brake fits nicely.  I am pleased.  It took work and patience to get here.

My Chapter 9 landing gear portion comes later after the strakes are installed because I am using the Infinity retractable landing gear.    So, I moved onto chapter 10. 

The speed brake mockup form I put together had similar measurements as the speed brake door (flap, call it what you will) and that really helped me get it together right without cutting too large of a hole in the bottom of my plane and also it helped me get a tight fitting door.  It worked right the first time.  :)