Chapter 8
Headrest, Heatduct, and Seat Belts
  Shoulder foam & hardpoints.
         Hardpoints Glassed
Foam ready to glass with shoulder harness hardpoints ready for installation. Shoulder harness hard points microed/glassed prior to installing nutplates.
  Harness Bolts in place.
         Seat Belt lap hardpoint.
                             Shoulder Harness bolts in place.

      Seat Belt Lap Hardpoint glassed into position showing peel ply.


The plans headrest is not for me.  I didn't like the triangle shape.  It reminded me of the band, "Devo", and also Saturday Night Live's "Coneheads".  Both are icons of the 80s.  I will be using a modified automotive headrest.   I will be strengthening the turtleback/canopy hoop with additional layups for safety in the event of the airplane becoming inverted while attempting a landing.   I don't have pictures of the seat brackets or the rear heat duct but they are built and  installed on the plane.

I am not using the outside foot step.  I will carry a small folding step and store it inside the plane.  I like the idea of electric or mechanical slideout steps but at this point I'm happy not having the drag of the step outside the plane.

What I've learned:
I have learned to sand parts to make them smooth and give a more manufactured look.  None of these pictures show that but you can see it now on more recent pictures of the plane.
I have learned to take more pictures of the building process.  :)