Line Drawing of Rick's Modified Cozy MKIV

Line Drawing of Rick's Cozy

Distinctive Features of this Cozy:

Infinity Aerospace  Retractable Landing Gear.
Advantages: Less Drag, smoother air flow, more speed.
                       Coolness factor of 10.

     Disadvantage: Waiting for them to arrive.
Blended Strakes.
Smooth-Flow, Soft-Curve Strakes.  Curves are nice.  Smoother air flow.  Smooth transition.

Forward Hinged Canopy.
I did this because I feel it's safer.  Risk is lower if it came open in flight.

Longer Ailerons.
I did this for greater control.  More control is desirable at low speeds.

Split Rudders.
Ok, maybe I'm a control freak.  I wanted more response from rudder inputs.  These create more drag where needed when actuated hence more control.

4 Inch wider fuselage.
The first Cozy I climbed into felt a bit restrictive for room.  This gives me and my passengers more comfort.

7 Inch longer Fuselage.
Longer is better.  Compensation for a wider fuselage.

Vortex Generators.
These keep the laminar airflow going over the wings.  Lift is increased and lower landing and takeoff speeds are a plus.

Straight lines on window placement.
This gives a little better visability to the occupants in the back seat.  More consistent lines.  (mater of taste.)

3 Rotor Rotary Engine.
I'd rather have a jet but this is close.  300+hp.  There are things to work out.  I'm workin' on it.

Blended Winglets.
Here we go again.  Coolness factor 10.  Discussion elsewhere on this site.
Electric Speed Brake.
    Look Maw no clunky crank.  I want to push a button and fly the plane rather than be cranking it down.  And to help me remember to push the button I will have a low speed warning system.

Landing lights in the nose.
This seems like a natural place to put them.  I use projection lamps and cool them for long life.

Rudder Pedals hanging from the top.
    This is the comfort thing again.  I have no pedal mechanism on the floor of the plane.

EFI Fuel System 
    I have consulted with several "experts" and have resolved all of the fuel issues that have bothered me.  These are   discussed elsewhere on this website. 

Modifications take longer.  They are fun, and make the work enjoyable when they work out but they take extra time.

Some of these mods are controversial.   I didn't do them  for the controversy.  I did them first  for safety and then performance.  Sometimes for performance then safety.

Disclaimer:  Don't copy these mods unless you know what you are doing or why it's good idea to do them.  This website  in no way represents instructions on how to do this.  Please be responsible for what you do.